Öffentliche Wahrnehmung von Antisemitismus in Europa 2019


This Special Eurobarometer survey on “perceptions of antisemitism” presents a snapshot of the way Europeans perceive antisemitism. This report is divided into three chapters: The first chapter considers whether Europeans feel that antisemitism in general, and nine of its possible manifestations are a problem in their country. It also addresses whether they perceive antisemitism as having increased or decreased in their country over the past five years; The second chapter focuses on knowledge of and education about Jewish communities and antisemitism, and in particular on the extent of information about the history, customs and practices of European Jewish people. This chapter also addresses Europeans’ awareness of the legislation combating antisemitism, and adequacy of education about the Holocaust provided by schools in their country; In the third and final chapter, the focus shifts to the influence of conflicts in the Middle East on the way European Jewish people are perceived in the European Union.
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Veröffentlicht: Januar 2019
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