Studie zum Online-Automobilmarkt 2016

Automakers and dealers find their existing business model coming under pressure from the unstoppable march of online shopping in the new car segment, as almost everywhere else. Customers in ever larger numbers are enjoying online retail and are transferring this positive experience to the act of buying a car. Fully 97 percent of people buying a new car use the internet to research vehicles and 44 percent would be prepared to buy online if they found the right offer. "In fact, online processes are already instrumental in one in ten new car purchases. In the coming five years the volume of online car sales will double," said Philipp Grosse Kleimann, Partner at Roland Berger. "Obviously enough, more and more new players are pushing into the market." The automotive experts analyzed the trend and the challenges that result for OEMs and dealers, and put their findings in a new Roland Berger study: "Online Sales of New Cars".

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