Connected Car Report 2019 - Infotainment Services

Statista Digital Market Outlook – Segment Report

Connected Car Report 2019 - Infotainment ServicesEssentials of this report:
Infotainment Services are one of the hot topics when it comes to aftersales revenue sources and value-added services in the automotive market. Drivers want Infotainment Services that are as comprehensive and good as they are on their mobile device: easy to control, seamlessly integrated into the car, and in the best case already familiar. The worldwide revenue of US$337 million in 2018 is expected to increase to US$1.3 billion by 2023.

What's included?
  • Market size & forecasts for the next five years
  • Regional development with the focus regions & countries: U.S., Europe, China, and the EU top 5
  • Company profile: Daimler
  • Deep dive: In-car artificial intelligence, Advanced Navigation features, smartphone integration

The complete Market Report with all insights regarding the entire Connected Car market can be found here.

We also provide a Segment Report on the other Connected Car segments
In the Statista Digital Market Outlook Segment Reports our analysts compile an overview of the segment and trends, market sizes, regional development, and key players. An overview of all Outlook Reports can be found here.

Statista's Digital Market Outlook provides the most comprehensive data set in terms of market sizes, revenue development and relevant companies. Furthermore, we look into the future of the industry providing the latest trends and tangible revenue forecasts.

Note: Worldwide numbers only includes countries listed in the Statista Digital Market Outlook
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